Although OCR have withdrawn all of their Text Processing suite of qualifications, and are not replacing them with anything else, we believe that the standard required for these qualifications was a good benchmark for desirable skills in today’s workplace. Therefore we are still providing the training for students to attain the standard required for the OCR qualifications.

OCR Text Production and Word Processing Level 1 Course (RSA I)

This course is suitable for those who wish to reach the standard required for OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and the RSA) Level 1 in Word Processing and Text Production. Once enrolled on the course we will supply you with comprehensive training materials and instructions as to how to proceed. Sets of assessment papers will also be supplied for you to complete and return for marking by a fully qualified marking co-ordinator. Your marked work is returned to you with feedback and instructions as to how to proceed.

You should be able to type at about 25 words per minute and be a reasonably proficient user of Microsoft Word.

Course Content:
The course involves typing, word processing and printing a variety of business documents including, letters, reports and memoranda. It also includes learning abbreviations, presentation techniques, inserting headers and footers, moving and copying text, emphasising text and basic tables.

The course is available through distance learning / home study. Study time 30-40 hours depending on ability. When the required standard is achieved a Keynet Certificate of successful completion is provided.

The overall aim of the course is to meet the business document production requirements of the discerning employer and to give you the opportunity to demonstrate competence to the level demanded for OCR Level 1.

For further information and the full list of the course contents – email the course tutor or telephone 0116 232 5166.


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